Lake Eyre -The Great Inland Sea -Sometimes!

I’ve been sorting through some photos I took mid 2011 and 2010 of Lake Eyre. I intend to print and frame four for an exhibition I have been asked to contribute to. Lake Eyre fills only about every decade or so as it “lives” in the middle of Australia in the desert. It is very large! Wet, salty and full or dry and salty as a chip it is still fascinating and beautiful. We are now into the fourth year running that Lake Eyre has had an influx of seasonal water enough enough to fill it. This is unprecedented as far as I know. Here are a few I’ve shortlisted to print. Probably sized about 20X30 inches


6 thoughts on “Lake Eyre -The Great Inland Sea -Sometimes!

  1. Kim, these are amazing images. I went to Lake Eyre in January 2001 and drove onto the lake bed. I remember it being blistering hot, the base was white with salt and we saw some of the most amazing scenery you could ever imagine.

    • Thanks for your comments. Yeah, the whole catchment area is quite amazing. There are more images of it on my web page. Lake Eyre has water in it again this year and I would love to get out and over it again. A slight chance that may come off yet. Once it dries it may be years before it is full again. Another good site to look at is Peter Elfes. Just do a google on him. Peter has taken some stunning stuff of Lake Eyre.

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