Pink Rocks = Good Surf

This South Coast area of New South Wales always seems to have something to photograph. I took these and more recently, lovely two metre point surf at Pink Rocks with only six surfers in the water. Four of them were a Father, teenage son and the son’s two mates. They had it to themselves. It was a pleasure to watch them. One of the teenagers had a digital SLR and we shared a few moments discussing cameras and surf photography until looking at the surf lured him into the water.

One of his friends copped a nasty laceration on his foot from a wipe out onto the rocks. The young photographer came back in, supported his injured friend back a mile or so from the island point to their beach house acting as his crutch as he couldn’t put his foot down. There are no vehicle tracks or access to the surf spot.  Their cameraderie was great to see.


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