Pink Rocks -Why Pink?

I don’t know how Pink Rocks got its name for sure but: what seems eons ago I used to dive there and do some spear fishing. It could be a bit treacherous due to the quickly rising swell as it comes onto a series of “benches” under the surface. They become progressively shallower closer to shore. Each rise is quite abrupt from memory so each bench kicks up the waves  a bit more but quite abruptly and at times quite unexpectedly with one off larger swells.

Another reason it was significant in my memory was I would very often spear dinner there. Quite often a big morwong. But! More than once I had no sooner speared it …. right where there was some current and it was at the challenging bit where you have to maneuvre fish, spear gun, float etc when a large squid came out and claimed by envelopment, my hard won fish. I did win after a “wrestle” with spear, fish and squid on the occasions it happened but not before the water was filled with squid ink all around me making it rather hard to see, my lines were tangled and I was worn out. The squid were big and heavy enough to make a real nuisance of itself. Truth be known though Mister Squid (maybe Ms.!!) probably had more claim than I.

Anyway, back to Pink Rocks and its name. The rocks underneath for whatever reason are quite pink over much of their area. A very pretty pink at that. Quite possibly a sight the surfers don’t get to see unless they wipe out and go well and truly “down the mine”. But then the last thing on ones mind is studying the esoterics and various hues of the rocks on the bottom while being pile driven into them and tumbled along.

The take off is quick and requires a fairly rapid right turn (for a mal) then it can tend to close out on you if you have taken off too deep. If you can claw your way back through white water or if you just got into action fast enough it is really quite nice. The wave peters out after a bit but if the swell is big enough and although it shallows out it does so crossing or perhaps passing along a little bay like indentation in the island then picks up again at about half the original take off wave size for a further 80 metres or longer from memory. You can then paddle back around the outside of it for another go without getting flogged by the incoming swell. All in all a very friendly wave – most of the time!

I have mostly lived elsewhere for years but have come back to visit (living here again now though) from time to time. I haven’t surfed it myself for years but love to watch it being surfed.  Without fail it always takes me back to those early days out at Pink Rocks by myself on my 8 foot 3 inch Gordon Woods mal.

Here’s a couple of shots of trying to beat that take off, not too successfully. The third one, a goofy footer, was a bit more onto it.


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