Baby goes out to play!

The whale mother and baby in my previous post stayed in the little bay ay Barlings Beach most of the day. Around 4PM they headed out to sea about a mile. Once in deeper water the calf started to breach just a small amount, swim in circles, upside down and in a series of sort of thrusts with its head out of the water. It simply seemed to be playing. At this stage on the headland that I was on probably about 30 people had somehow got the news, standing out in a cold wind to watch. Two blokes in a boat had the best view as the calf seemed to make straight for them at one stage before both mother and calf headed back into the bay and settled down. I would love to have had about a 600-800 mm prime lens to pull them in closer. Alas that will have to wait until I win the lottery. The shot with the whale’s head out of the water this side of the boat is the calf. Its tail is fairly much at the edge of the picture. Mother was VERY big!!. The boat was about one hundred metres the other side of the calf. The telephoto effect has compressed the distance a bit. The birds just happened to be there so I “shot” them with the camera as they flew by .


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