Whale of a Time??

I stopped by Barlings Beach (Southern New South Wales coast) today to have a look at Barlings Island. Weather! The aftermath of a cold “Southerly Buster”.  Grey skies can often make a good shot and Barlings is nice. While setting up for a quick tripod shot I could hear sharp “whacking” sounds almost like a rifle shot. Sure enough in the middle of the little bay at Barlings was a whale mother and calf having a bit of a rest. Mostly submerged but with “bits” poking out of the water as they rolled around whacking fins on water, blowing and generally doing things whales do.  By the look of the fins they are Southern Right Whales. I couldn’t get a clear shot of a whole whale but have one below the landscape (seascape?) shot I took while there. They were to the right of the landscape shot and out of that photo. The calf is at the left side with fins poking up and the long black grey bit to the right is the mother. She was really quite big as I guess whales tend to be. A pleasure to watch while I took of few shots.

Barlings Island


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