Kati Thanda (Lake Eyre) in Central Australia

I have quite a few aerial shots of Lake Eyre taken during 2010/2011 that I had not processed from the RAW files. Occasionally I go through them again or just reprocess ones I have done before for the exercise of seeing if I do it any differently the second time around. I try not to take to much notice of the way I may have gone about things the previous time just to see the comparison. If the file has been processed before the xmp (sidecar) file will immediately put the previous adjustments onto the file. I “click it” back to default and start from scratch. These three were in that category and I had almost by passed them. On reprocessing I now think I’ll print and mount them.

The sequence is part of the flight where we were tracking from a Birdsville direction to the top of the lake where water from Warburton Creek flows into the lake then down the lake via the “Warburton Groove”. On this flight we flew to that end at 18,000 feet commencing descent at that point to be at 500 feet above the lake by about 15 kilometres before the southern end. Maybe of interest is the fact that the aircraft altimeter shows about 440-460 feet above mean sea level while the radar altimeter indicates 500 feet. Lake Eyre’s surface is of course actually below sea (ocean) level.


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