Island Hopping

I took this a few years ago but will be going back next week. I have been asked to do some leave relief flying back in the Torres Strait, the gap of ocean between the tip of Cape York Australia and Papua New Guinea. It is dotted with numerous islands and some of the most beautiful reef I have ever seen. There are eleven islands with airstrips, all very short. Servicing of the islands is by barge with most transport by air in smaller aircraft or in the Torres Strait people’s dinghies, usually referred to as “Tinnies” in Australia. The furthest island flown to is Murray Island (Islander name is Mer) which is just over 200 kilometres east of the main centre of Thursday Island.

The weather can be a bit “ordinary” up there with strong trade winds and sudden squalls. When it is fine though it is quite stunning to look at. I have to drive the 3000 kms to Cairns in the next couple of days or so then arrange to get to “T.I” as Thursday Island is known. The airstrip for T.I is actually Horn Island a short ferry trip from T.I. I hope to be able to add to the current stock of Torres Strait shots I have while doing a bit of island hopping for a living for a few weeks. I will be adding a few after I get there and start flying. Perhaps in a bit over a week.


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