Torres Strait Island Hopping -Take off at Erub

The airstrip at Erub, all of 470 metres long, can be a bit if a “hairy” strip to land on. It is  “very” downhill and very short. Due to prevailing strong South East Trade winds most of the year you have to land downhill….no choice….! Strong winds curl over the peninsular and down into the bay with strong downdrafts and cross winds. You can just see the airstrip in the middle of the peninsular.

The view lined up for take off though is amazing. You are literally pointing at the water in the coral lagoon off the end of the short airstrip. The water is about 200 ft lower than your eye level and about 100 feet lower than the other end of the runway.

The take off is exhilarating. The aircraft accelerates quickly (usually!!) due to the downhill slope, it seems you fly off almost at the end as the ground drop away steeply to the water. Lifting into the strong trade winds it boosts the aircraft up some at the end of the strip. Up and over the brilliantly coloured coral filled lagoon before climbing away to the next island.

Terrific every time!


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