Island Hopping -Saibai on a good weather day.

It was a beautiful clear day all over the Torres Strait yesterday. Saibai right near the Papua New Guinea coast (that’s PNG to the right in the image) but still in Australian Territory is often still capped with cloud or in rain even in good weather. Saibai is literally only a few feet above sea level at it’s highest point. Its fringes are mangrove jungle, great crocodile habitat but also big juicy mud crabs and much other sea life. The centre is basically mud flats (the orange bits) that are often inundated. Global warming is taken very seriously here as any sea level rise already effects the people in the village at the other end.

I have been waiting to pass by with clear weather for weeks and got it on my way to bring back a load of crayfish from Daru in PNG yesterday. My time in the Straits (this time) finishes in a bit over two weeks so I had been hanging out for it. They say if you have eaten the Wanghi fruit though (fruit off a local tree) you will always come back. I must have because I often return.


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