Pristine Reefs of the Torres Strait -it doesn’t get any better than this!

I’m outa the Torres Straits in another few days! My leave relief work is coming to an end. Where to next? I got a few OK shots, unfortunately though as many as I’d have liked.

This one was out Murray Island (Mer) way. Pristine reef, no effects of agricultural run off, effluent from mines, ports and other industrial pollution.

The reef is close to where Eddie Mabo, the indigenous land rights activist, came from. Mer, the Merriam people. No wonder he fought for it.

I had a mob of young Murray Islander men on board when I took this and their eyes were glued to the windows. When I looked around a couple of them looked back saw me with the camera, nodded and smiled and went back to the view. Looking over country.


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