Leaving the Straits

I’ll be leaving the Torres Strait in a few days. My leave relief work here is over. It actually lasted nearly 3 weeks longer than originally anticipated which has been good. I would love to have got more pictures of this pristine beautiful area but could only take them in the course of my normal work flying a small (ten seat) “short take off and landing” aircraft between the island airstrips. There are twelve islands with airstrips all together. If the Papua New Guinea island of Daru is included, thirteen. I have been to Daru a few times on “Cray Runs” picking up 3/4 tonne of “Tropical Painted Crayfish” at a time for what I believe is the american market. I will put up some images of that process shortly.

The Torres Strait is as close as you can get to going to another country while still remaining within the political boundaries of Australia. Most Australians would not be aware of the nature and allure of the area as it has virtually no tourist trade. The “Straits” is between the tip of Australia’s Cape York (the pointy bit on the top right side!) and Papua New Guinea.

I seem to get back here every few years for a short period of flying much as I have just done. Local custom has it that if you eat the fruit of the Wanghi tree (pronounced Wong-eye), a local tree,  you will always come back. I must have.


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