Forests in Australia

South East Queensland RainforestMangrove Forest of Tropical North Queensland

Australia is the driest continent on Earth apparently but for all that it has some beautiful forests. As long as people stop destroying them that is. And they are certainly doing that. Corporations like to chop them down, including “old growth” forests that have individual trees that are centuries old. They do it to make wood chips for paper. Mostly it is done for and by countries that have little left in the way of forests or they don’t actually want to chop theirs down. It all sounds quite insane to me.

The rainforest above is within sight of Australia’s tourist “strip”, The Gold Coast. There isn’t all that much of it either. Another ten minutes in a light aircraft to the west of it and you are starting to experience some of that “driest continent”. There are drier sclerophyll forests still left over some of Australia but that has largely been cleared as well.

The mangrove forests filter run off fresh water before it gets to the Great Barrier reef , provide breeding grounds for myriad fish varieties, are the home of the magnificent and ancient estuarine (salt water) crocodile, the list goes on. They are beautiful to be near. I often climb around the “aerial” roots and slosh through the mud around them just looking at things. One eye out for any sign of  “Salties” though of course. The mangrove forests are cleared for coal ports and tourism ie to clear the way for marinas and such. The thing the idiot developers don’t seem to realise is that not to long after the balance is disturbed the thing that originally attracts the tourists, the lovely coastline and greenery etc, starts to die off and the bird life disappears etc the fish loose their breeding grounds etc etc I guess that’s progess? I took these shots within sight of urban Australia. I hope it manages to stay there.


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