Tomaga River

Tomaga RiverI been moving around a lot for much of  the past year, up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia from 400 kms south of Sydney to the Torres Strait between Australia and Papua New Guinea and even into the southern part of Papua New Guinea.  All of it on a shoestring budget due to very little work. I keep the cameras working though then transfer my images straight on to an external hard drive via my Macbook.

Then …catastrophe! My Macbook has had enough. It blew the logic board. All images are on external hard drives but other stuff (emails, addresses etc etc etc) … still locked away on the now inaccessible (at this stage) HD on the mac. I just hope the Mac hard drive is still OK. I won’t be able to replace the mac in the foreseeable future though.

On a positive note it has enticed me to go back through and see what I have on external HD’s with my PC . It is a bit like reliving some of the past year again but making me go slower through the images. I am discovering so many I edited over or glossed over intending to go back but didn’t. The image above is one from one of my absolute favourite places, the Tomaga River on the New South Wales south coast. I think I’ll go through and see what else I can find and post them here over the next few weeks.



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