Australian Rainforests -Looking for Antarctic Beech Trees

View from Pinnacle Lookout

I’ve recently spent a few days living “bush” style up in the forest and rainforest clad ranges of Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland. The area is just superb and for the most part, near virgin wilderness. The photo above is from a quite accessible point on the range albeit by steep dirt roads. The places I have camped are up in the ranges to the right where the higher parts are often in the clouds at around 3500 feet above sea level. I wanted to find good stands of Antarctic Beech trees or Nothofagus moorei. I wasn’t disappointed. These trees are relics from something like 80 million years ago when Australia was much colder and closer to the South pole.

They grow almost (from a laymans point of view) like asparagus often with several trunks growing from one huge or long moss covered clump. They actually look prehistoric and to be in a forest of these trees high in the mists of the rainforest clad ranges is really something. Bird and other life, some of it quite unexpected is prolific. I am going to post some images of the Antarctic Beech and other forest after this one.


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