Australia’s Antarctic Beech Trees in perspective

Australia’s Antarctic Beech tree (Nothofagus moorei) in the previous posts has no indication of their size. I’ve included a few shots I snapped off while we were wandering around various parts of the forest that included a person in them. They variously show Kyle, my adult son slightly behind, in front of then “in” the root clump (bole) of the Antarctic Beech. When he got inside the root bole it was big enough for him to do it easily without damaging the tree in anyway. You could almost live in there….if you were so inclined?? Anyway, they give some perspective on the size of the trees. The trees are not huge but nothing much in the forest (if left untouched by humans) is that small anyway.

The last image shows Kyle beneath some smaller trees. The trees have heart shaped leaves that usually have quite a few holes in them. The two small trees are “Stinging Trees” not uncommon to the tropical and sub tropical rainforests of Australia. Unfortunately they often grow smaller and seem to like the more open areas of the forests such as along watercourses walking paths etc. When they are smaller you are more likely to brush them accidentally. You don’t usually do it twice!! Close to them a succulent looking plant usually grows that is supposed to be an “antidote” bush. I wouldn’t want to put it to the test though! The sting of the Stinging Tree (of which I have only had a mild example from a falling “dead” leaf), is not unlike that from a “Blue Bottle Jellyfish” but it lasts longer. It also seems to recur when you get in the shower for days and days after. Another small hassle in the forest is leaches. They can be very prolific and enthusiastic. In these shots Kyle has only his board shorts and sneakers on. We weren’t walking any distance so Kyle says he can see the leaches better and pull them off quicker when he wears board shorts? Well the theory sounds OK anyway.


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