Torres Strait Skies


The Torres Straits tropical skies can be very changeable very quickly as with weather everywhere. Quickly formed tropical storms burst up into the atmosphere but usually contain so much moisture that they virtually collapse on themselves at a certain point into wind squalls and  torrential rain then dissipate quite quickly. Usually before they get to the really huge stage. For the indigenous “mariners” of The Straits, well they read sky and sea like a book and don’t seem to get to perturbed by the storms and squalls.

I tend to photograph the “Skyscapes” , water and reef  patterns as much as I photograph the islands themselves. It makes a terrific backdrop to the vista before me when working up there as a “bush” pilot flying around the islands. Mostly, like the indigenous mariners, I can find a way around them zig zagging about at times though to find a way to the next island on whatever run I’m on.


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