Lake Eyre…and a cover shot for a picture of mine!



I had a request for the use of one of my Lake Eyre images for the cover of the latest edition of “Geophysical Research Letters”, a prestigious american scientific journal. The article it represents by climate scientist John Fasullo is really informative/good and has to do with the slight hesitation in global sea level rise a couple of years ago, most likely caused by the record rainfall in Australia with the resultant storage, albeit not long lasting, of water in inland Australia.
The article is quite technically worded but never the less understandable and incredibly informative as to the close balance/link of all things that happen on our tiny planet, spaceship Earth. Here is one link to a report on the article.
A google search for “Fasullo sea level” will find more and give an understanding/meaning to the research. Really brilliant stuff.


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