I have taken photographs of things around me since I was about 10 years old I think, starting off with a weird looking old camera of about “Box Bownie” vintage but it wasn’t one of them. When I was 15 I worked during school holidays on a cattle (Aberdeen Angus) stud farm and saved enough to buy my first SLR camera, a Practika, and a light meter. Light meters weren’t always an integral part of the camera then! That little bit of income and after school jobs also  got me “kick started” in learning to fly (gliders), flying being something I also always wanted to do as far back as I can remember as well.

Since then and its been quite a few years, my camera(s) have always been with me wherever I go. I don’t think I have any particular leaning or style but wouldn’t know really and care even less. I just shoot whatever takes my interest at the time. A strong interest in wilderness including what I see from the air obviously infuences me but other than that I lot of what I shoot is a bit like a visual diary of my life at the time I guess.

I hope others might enjoy seeing (mostly) Australia through the filter of me and how my life meanders this huge and interesting place.

I also have a web page as well which I badly need to update. It is www.kim-wirth.com.au


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